School Overview

Schmitt is a Title I school  in SW Denver that has a strong community with an incredible amount of diversity. More than half of our students are Multilingual Learners (MLL). We celebrate 12 unique languages from over 15 different countries. Our student population is over 95% students of color and with a little higher percentage of Free and Reduced Lunch recipients. There are four small housing communities in our boundaries as well as private Section 8 housing throughout our neighborhood. Schmitt is proud to have legacy enrollment: parents and grandparents who are Schmitt alumni. We are a family tradition!

We have a strong instructional focus that leans into the power of leveraging the Science of Reading and complex language to support all of our students’ learning, especially our MLLs. We recognize the importance of our student experience, that instruction needs to be an engaging activity, and student discourse paves the road to student success.