Teacher and student on a lesson.

We are a community of lifelong learners and have a staff dedicated to continuous learning and improvement. Our staff receives professional development regularly, which allows them to continuously gain knowledge and skills to improve their teaching techniques. In 2014-15, a passion for teaching and the desire to learn makes Schmitt’s staff a leading example in education as we participate in the Differentiated Leadership Cohort.  As part of this opportunity, teachers will be building trust and capacity in an environment where we utilize feedback to grow in our practice.  Honoring each teacher’s growth by practicing professionalism, and providing support and resources.

Our “classroom families” go beyond our students and their teacher; parents and families are also an integral part of student growth and development.

  • During our kindergarteners’ monthly parent days, parents can see what their student is learning and experience their growth.
  • Parent/teacher home visits are important for our staff to develop a more meaningful relationship with their students; it allows a personal connection with Schmitt families.
  • We are proud to offer English classes  provided to parents through the Community College of Denver.